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Laura- Facebook Customer
Ok where do I start....I had been through a life changing situation where I lost a child I choose to go through things alone with no help. I ordered a love reading and wow Mary was spot on she gave me the courage to tell my partner, she was honest and straight she told me things wouldn't be good it would be long road but he is my soul mate and by early September we would make progress I thought at the time nah no way she also seen more contact which I doubted.... How wrong myself and partner have been seeing each other we are getting there like she said everything Mary told me on the readings has been spot on I am now looking forward to future, with what Mary says will be perfect with my other half I know our child is looking down on us and from bottom of my heart thank you hopefully we will get married like you said and have healthy child.Thank you Mary ❤ ❤❤❤❤Laura

About Psychic Readings By Mary

Mary Akinson

Please be sure to check your junk folder as you will receive a information email within 24 hours  of purchase from

All services are done via email , Your information is cleared completely after the service , I hold the strictest privacy policies . All Services take 1-5 business days . 

Hello & Welcome Im a born Psychic/Medium who has been doing professional readings for more than 30 years. Im 64 years old my Name is Mary Elizabeth Akinson.I have been online Doing Psychic Readings for many Years From Psychic Predictions to passing messages from your loved ones in spirit, My abilities have been with me since a young child and they are now stronger than they ever have been and i look forward to what the future brings in my abilities as each day im learning and seeing new things within myself.I’m known worldwide and have many clients from across the globe, Many clients worry about not being in the same country as me however most of my online clients are from thousands of Miles away.

I’m fully trained in teaching Tarot and Run weekly Yoga and Spiritual classes, Which I truly enjoy , I offer a full range of Distant Healing free on my facebook page please join us to take part.

I hope you enjoy my website, and i look forward to Helping you.

Mary Akinson

⚠️Frequent Asked questions⚠️

How accurate are your psychic skills?

❤️ While i believe over the years of psychic Readings and Predictions i have done i would state my skills are over 70% accurate.

Do you believe in God?

❤️ Yes Very Much so.

How can you do readings for people over the internet? without seeing them.

❤️ Well having the person present is not needed at all. I don’t pick up the information by looking at them or via their voice-I get information from your energy and senses which i pick up from emails and Photos.

❌DOS AND DONTS regarding Purchasing a Psychic Reading Online? ❌

1) Dont give to much info upfront

2) Be Clear on any fees you must pay

3)Dont be Rude to a Psychic

4)Do your home work on your chosen Psychic

5)Do Trust your Gut instinct

6) Check REVIEWS

7) Do remember that even the best and most accurate psychics/mediums are only right about 75-80% of the time.

By law I have to state all services are for entertainment purposes only - You must be over 18 years old to access this site. 

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