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World Known Psychic Medium Mary Akinson Welcomes you to the website.You have taken the first steps to finding out your future and the answers to the questions you seek. Here to help you communicate with your loved ones that have passed over. Specialising in baby Predictions and Future telling,Psychic Predictions Via Email & Chat. Your world will most definite feel brighter after a reading with Mary Akinson.





Ok where do I start....
I had been through a life changing situation where I lost a child I choose to go through things alone with no help. I ordered a love reading and wow Mary was spot on she gave me the courage to tell my partner, she was honest and straight she told me things wouldn't be good it would be long road but he is my soul mate and by early September we would make progress I thought at the time nah no way she also seen more contact which I doubted.... How wrong myself and partner have been seeing each other we are getting there like she said everything Mary told me on the readings has been spot on I am now looking forward to future, with what Mary says will be perfect with my other half I know our child is looking down on us and from bottom of my heart thank you hopefully we will get married like you said and have healthy child.

Thank you Mary ❤ ❤❤❤❤





Hi Mary,

Cant thank you enough for the quick response, thought youd like some feed back, out of the blue a colleague at work told me today another position is coming up at work where the money will be better and a nicer team to work with, so hoping to have an interview at the end of the month.

With the room, my best friend lives at number 56!! And she said i can stay there until i find another place, rent free too.

Thank you so much and your welcome to use this feedback on your site if you like,






Hi Mary

I cant thank you enough, everything you have said is spot on and this is such a emotional time for me after the death of my hubby last month , im so happy you were able to speak with him and this has helped me and my family as we now know what he wanted done with his belongings. You are a special lady and i will make another booking next month to speak with hubby again as long as you dont mind doing this for me but i really need to speak with him again.

Liz -Preston





I had a lot of baby Psychic Readings from ebay ,facebook and other psychics online, what made mary special was she always answered my emails no matter how silly my questions were or how many times i emailed mary always was there for me through my hard journey ttc ,if you are looking for a psychic who wont take your money and run then mary is the psychic for you kind , caring and very understanding. Mary predicted i would be pregnant anytime now but no later than 12 weeks i got the reading in feb and was pregnant my march 5th.

Lauren Hughs





Hi I just wanted to give you an update. First of all, I will give you a little background because it really makes your prediction amazing. My husband and I started trying to conceive in May 2011 but soon after we knew something was wrong. We learned that I did not ovulate on my own which of course made getting pregnant difficult. As the months went on we continued to get bad news of cysts an...d news that my husband was also sub-fertile. At the end of November the doctor told us we had a 1-5% chance of conceiving on our own and were scheduled to start fertility treatments this month (January). This news is the reason we got a follow up reading from you. To our amazement you said that we would still get pregnant and would have a positive by the end of December. Well, in the first week of December I spontaneously ovulated and on December 15th we found out that I was pregnant!!! Your reading was absolutely correct!!! Needless to say our doctor was shocked. We on the otherhand found some serenity in your reading and kept the hope alive. Thank you so much for your reading! Now we are just waiting to see if we have a girl.

Mrs Tompson





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